You already have a Grand Entry planned: your gracious procession down the aisle toward your future husband.

Don’t forget to end your magical wedding day with a spectacular Grand Exit as the two of you head off to a new life together.

Possible Ideas:


Most couples order the 36 inch sparkler. It is the longest “sparkling” sparkler on the market. Its 4 minute “sparkle” allows enough time to get all of the sparklers lit, arrange your guests, photographer and videographer, and run out amid a sea of sparklers. Make sure the bride & groom are just about ready to leave before the sparklers are lit, otherwise most of the sparklers will already be burned out before they come out. Line your guests up into 2 WIDE rows and have the bride and groom run through the rows. Make sure the bride and groom are not running under a “tunnel” of sparklers.


Wedding bubbles provide a sweet, soft alternative to the traditional send off of rice or birdseed. Most churches require bubbles for weddings as there is no mess to clean up afterwards. Have a small trash can nearby for the empty bottles so that the reception venue isn’t stuck with picking them up off the ground.


Showering rose petals make for magical photos and video for your Grand Exit. They also smell fantastic!


If you want a big Father of the Bride-style display, consider having fireworks. You’ll need to OK this with your venue and leave it to a professional.