Where the videographer walks up to guests with a hulking camera and lights and asks them to “say something to the bride and groom.” Doing this will upset most of your guests who either aren’t ready to give an interview or who don’t want to speak to the camera. The biggest reason is that your guests DON’T KNOW the videographer and thus won’t open up to them.


If you want successful, interesting and funny interviews have the DJ/band announce that whoever wants to say something to the bride and groom, the videographer will be setup in a particular place. The videographer should have a couple of chairs setup in front of his camera. When a person, couple, or group of people go over to the videographer, he hands them a microphone and they start speaking. If you do it this way it gives your guests time to prepare something to say and let’s them do it on their own time.

Another way to interview is to assign your most perky and exciting bridesmaid or guest to go around the room as a “host”, asking guests to say something. Guests will warm up to the “host” because they are familiar. If you have a really good “host”, they will totally take over the show and produce some very funny interviews.