If you love movie trailers you’ll love the idea of shooting a pre-wedding video. Just like movie trailers that give a mini preview of an upcoming movie, a pre-wedding video will give your guests a preview of your upcoming wedding.

For some of your guests, this will be the first time they see you two together. This video can be a great way for your guests to connect with you two. If some of your guests are coming from long distances, this is a great way for them to see where your wedding will take place.


Shoot a short 1-2 minute video with your phone, of you and your fiance on-location at either your ceremony or reception venue. Talk about how you met and fell in love, how awesome your wedding day will be and how happy you are that your guests are coming. Talk about your honeymoon. You can post this video on your favorite social sites and your wedding website if you have one.


Using a professional, your video and sound quality will be higher. They might also use two cameras and make the video more interesting by cutting between the two angles.