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Thank you so much Wes! You did an excellent job – now we will be able to relive those moments whenever we wish!

Sarah Jo Trimble

Thank you so much for getting the video to me in time for us to take with us on Labor Day Weekend. We were able to watch it with all of my family which was so much fun! It was especially meaningful with us staying at Jekyll for the weekend. I loved the natural serenity of the service you captured on film – the sound of insects, the fountain, the raindrops and even the flyover! How special to have Pastor Mike’s message and their vows to each other forever on film. And then there’s the reception – what fun we had reliving all of the memories! Your video tells the story in a way that photography never could. Thanks so much – we will always treasure it.

Vicky Yong (Mother of Bride)

Thank you so much, Wes!!! I can’t wait for Jake to see!!! Having you video was the best decision about the whole wedding planning!!! It all went by like a blur, so now we get to watch and remember it all!!! THANK YOU!!!

Maggie Helow

You’re the best Wes!!!! I loved all of the mini clips and can’t wait to see the final product!!

Lesley Marchman

WOW!!! I spent all night watching your amazing footage! You are absolutely amazing and want to Thank you so much for your amazing work. I look forward to sharing this with everyone, including my children one day! : ) Thank you again!

Michelle Cossey

We absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE…Thank you for ALL of your hardwork. You did an amazing job!

Tara English Steinberg

We just wanted to thank you–the video really is fabulous! We have
loved watching it. Thanks for doing such a great job.

Sarah and Greg

Hey Wes,
We watched the video and loved it!!
We were so happy with the work you did and the moments that you captured. I loved seeing all the stuff I missed and for that matter forgot about. 🙂
Thank you again so so much!!

– LeAnne and Ryan

WOW!!!! Well worth the wait! The DVD is amazing. I watched it right away and then LeAnne and Ryan came over and we watched it again. You captured every little detail. Truly wonderful to be able to relive the evening. Can’t believe how much you miss when you are going through it. Highly recommend to all brides to video their service. We started out thinking it was an area we were going to save in and not do. Can not imagine not having it! Thanks for helping capture and preserve the memory of the magical evening for our family.

God bless, Gayle Runion
– Mother of Bride

Dear Wes,
Many thanks for the wedding videos. Sasha, Marty and I watched the
rehearsal dinner and the reception video yesterday. I think that you
did a great job! My personal favorite part of the reception video was
the “lounge singer” near the end. (I suspect that this groomsman was
also near his end at that point.) The bride and groom are in LA at yet
another wedding, and will be pleased to view when they return. Hope
that you are well and busy. Enjoy this day and everyday!!

Jane Day

Hi Wes,
The trailer looks awesome…I can’t wait to see the whole video! We are all really excited for it!

– Krista

Wes, from our rough-cut of our wedding video to answering all our many questions to taking the time to really get to both Dan and me, you made our wedding experience so much fun!! We cannot wait to our video and know the memories you captured along with Dianne and Nooney’s photography will give us much to smile about over the years! Getting a wedding video is one of the best choices I think we made, and I owe that to our Matron of Honor Hali, but most of all, getting you as our videographer has been a genuine treat! You were everywhere and always made those in front of the camera relaxed so their true personalities showed through! I’m sure that’s the case with the wedding interviews as well. You really took the pressure off of Dan and I in terms of worrying about everything getting captured, because you really took the time to look over our timeline, and it showed. You truly love your work, and it so evident in your interactions in meetings, the way you promptly answer questions, and the pride you take in the finished product. You came so highly recommended, and it’s not a surprise why! I know Andy and Kyle were thrilled with your work, as are Dan and I so far, and no doubt, we’ll continue to be impressed. 🙂 Thank you!!!

With great fondness,
Anne Snyder Crawford

It’s better than Awesome! It’s Amazing! Thank you all a million times over for making such a beautiful video creation!

Take care,
Kristen and Chad

WE got the DVDs and they are wonderful !!!Thanks so much !!!!

– The Howeys

i love it!! It makes me want to cry-i love it and cannot wait to see the rest of it!

thanks! Mary

Hi Wes,
The trailer is AMAZING!!! Perfect, beautiful, just amazing.

Thank you again,

Hi Anne Marie. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. It was such an exciting time for me, and it is sad that it all has to come to an end. I will just tell you that I absolutely loved Wes’s work. He came on such good recommendation that I sort of gave him free reign with shooting my wedding so he could really be artistic without too many restrictions. I will tell you that I never noticed he was there. The only time I did not let him in was when my girls and I were getting dressed.

It was so amazing to sit down and watch the finished product with my friends and family. There are many parts of your wedding that you will not see or even notice that a video captures and you can re-live it as a guest. There are also things that still life pictures cannot capture. It was money well worth it, and I can see Kyle and I watching it every year on our anniversary to relive the moment. Also, there were family members that couldn’t make it that we have been able to send them a copy so it was almost like them being there. I will send you the wedding “trailer” that Wes put together for me in a few minutes that summarizes 10 minutes of the many hours of video on the actual tape.

Please let me know if you need any more info.

– Ashley